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A Red团队安全 physical social engineering test assesses the difficulty that an attacker would have to exploit the people component of an organization to access an organization's physical premises, 一般用于获取敏感信息的目的, control over internal systems or to get someone to perform an action (sending a message, 取消服务, 提供退款, 提供机密信息). 它还包括如何减轻这些威胁的建议, which organizations often overlook when developing their information security strategy.

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A physical social engineering engagement will evaluate the effectiveness of your internal training 和 communication. This is done by testing whether employees will follow procedures related to admitting visitors, 询问房屋内或大楼内的陌生人. Is it possible for a social engineer to gain physical access to an organization's premises by convincing someone to admit them or by bypassing people controls (i.e.比如,跟在后面撞上大楼). 一旦获得了访问权, specified goals will be pursued 和 evidence will be gathered of an organization's security vulnerabilities in real-time. This evidence could include the presence of sensitive information left in the open, 工作站未登录, 清理办公桌政策.

这取决于你的组织, a physical social engineering engagement is just as important to security as 冰球突破豪华版试玩. 成熟的组织通常会 冰球突破豪华版试玩 他们的 应用程序网络安全 on a regular basis without ever assessing the effectiveness of the training that affects their physical security. The primary reason for this disparity is that the consultants who test security typically have expertise in logical security rather than physical security, 所以他们根本无法进行这些测试. 此外, cybersecurity organizations usually don't offer physical social engineering services, 让他们的客户觉得他们的 目前的措施是足够的 保护他们的网络和数据.

Physical Social Engineering的冰球突破试玩解决方案

Red团队安全的Physical Social Engineering 评估 使用一个 现实的方法 就像真正的攻击者会用的. These physical social engineering tests assess your people, processes, 和 procedures. 冰球突破豪华版试玩对违反物理安全措施的测试包括复制门禁卡, 引诱, 电话窃听丑闻, 和现场访问. The goal of our physical social engineering assessment is to simulate an attack by a real-life malicious actor attempting to breach vulnerabilities in physical security to gain ultimately gain confidential information that could damage the company or its clients.

Our team will test whether malicious actors can freely walk through the front door by simply posing as a client or maintenance worker, 让他们可以绕过实体的障碍,比如钥匙卡锁. 一旦进入设施, 冰球突破豪华版试玩的社会工程师将找出潜在的妥协机会, i.e., 已登录的计算机处于活动状态, 访问卡了, 机密数据暴露, 允许无人陪同进入电脑室, 或者是进入行政办公室的能力.

A physical social engineering assessment thus shows that physical security is often the most vulnerable part of a company's security posture.


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Red团队安全Physical Social Engineering报告提供了详细信息, actionable information to help improve the overall security posture of an organization. 报告将包括:

  • Information learned during the Information Gathering 和 Reconnaissance phases of the project
  • Detailed steps 和 pretexts used during the execution of the physical social engineering engagement
  • 识别成功和不成功的行动
  • 审计业务期间观察到的安全风险或减轻情况的证据
  • 如何降低未来风险的建议

此信息将为接下来减少风险的步骤提供路线图. Any follow-up engagement will allow the social engineer to check improvements in security 和 training.


如欲进一步了解 Physical Social Engineering项目.


Red团队安全's social engineering tests assess your people, processes, 和 procedures. 冰球突破豪华版试玩对违反物理防护措施的测试包括电子邮件钓鱼, 电话vishing, 引诱, 电话窃听丑闻, 和现场访问. The goal of our social engineering assessment is to simulate an attack by a malicious attacker for the purpose of discovering vulnerabilities in physical security that a real hacker could exploit with scams.

This process provides valuable insight into an organization's security posture in addition to the actions needed to address any vulnerabilities. 除了初步的补救措施, 定期进行社会工程测试也很重要. Hackers are continually developing malicious software as they discover new vulnerabilities. Red团队安全 一直走在前沿 最新趋势 而不是完全依赖于DIY的方法.

Despite the changes in technology that criminals use to exploit their targets with techniques like ransomware, 许多社会工程技术仍然是老派的. These include the simple process of chatting with a receptionist to obtain information visitors shouldn't have. Red团队's Security's testing process also provides your organization with the information it needs to educate end-users on security awareness, 防止数据泄露的一个非常有效的方法是什么.

Our social engineering testing can highlight problems that will prevent a security breach from occurring in the future. 正如他们所说,最好的进攻就是好的防守." For a  free consultation with a cyber security expert today, contact us today at (952) 836-2770.

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